I've been a spare-time musician and writer for most of my life, but in the past couple of years, I haven't done much in that area. Perhaps because it was an uninspiring time.


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I've begun learning to play instruments as a kid (recorder, pan flute, xylophone and electric organ). When I discovered computers as musical instruments in 1983, I began using those instead.

Music from my present day era, ca. 2006-2010

This year, I've begun a couple of new pieces. This is my latest: PowerSong2 (working title), one of many that have been going around in my head for several years now that I've been unable to make. Here's a medley with more pieces. I've created this using Renoise and ZynAddSubFX on Windows 7 (required a bridge using an external MIDI interface).

Here a couple more from earlier this year: Juggernaut v1, Test1 v2, Test1 v1 I made all of them using ZynAddSubFX, Seq24 and Ardour on Linux.

In 2009, I've created some tunes for a computer game that I started writing on Linux or BSD, and I used Renoise for Linux with the default instrument set. Here's them:

Song1 (intro) — Intro tune to game played at various points during credits (in game-over mode).

Song2 (in-game music) and Song3 (in-game music) and Song4 (in-game music) — Some in-game music.

Music from my OctaMED for Windows era, ca. 2000-2003

I tried to make music using OctaMED for Windows V1, but it was so bug-ridden that it was almost completely unusable. But still, I made some interesting stuff with it. The export to MIDI function was broken too, but the results were still halfways usable.

Banngebunden (MID) — A MIDI tune exported from OctaMED that requires a MIDI-capable audio player (like Windows Media Player or something similar). Originally, I created it using my Soundblaster AWE32 soundcard, so you likely won't be able to hear what it sounded like in its original version.
MIDI rendition (MP3) using Gravis soundfont.

Escape (MID) — Another MIDI tune the last part of I created after waking up from an interesting dream. The full title is "Escape from the Dark World".
MIDI rendition (MP3) using Gravis soundfont.

Cracked — An instrumental piece created with OctaMED for Windows. Originally planned to be a full-on song, but the lyrics are too downbeat for listeners to bear. I've decided against doing that.

Do You Love Nellie — A very upbeat tune I created to impress a girl, but she didn't know. And no, her name was not Nellie.

Player of Games — A sad tune I created for a purpose that I can't remember.

Music from my OctaMED for Amiga era (ca. 1992-2000)

This section is also very incomplete. I've worked with OctaMED Professional V5 on Amiga 1000, and later, Amiga 3000 computers. I can't remember exactly anymore which synth I used on which tune, but I had only three: First a used Roland Juno-106, then additionally, a used Kawai K4r module, then additionally, a used e-mu Proteus P1 module. OctaMED for Amiga allowed seamless integration of audio samples and MIDI, something I haven't found on the PC yet (one of the reasons why I currently don't make much music anymore).

Banngebunden I — Originally a real song I lost the tape recording for (or was unable to find). The only thing I have, currently, is the re-recorded instrumental version. IIRC, I made this in 1995. The lyrics were about taking responsibility for oneself, and about changing the circumstance of one's life. A pretty empowering piece actually … I should re-record it with lyrics sometime or search for one of the damn tapes …

Borhyd — This song has long story behind it. Once, in the early 90ies, I wrote a gory short story named Borhyd, about a boy who lives in a dark world, and a girl who lives in a bright world, and they eventually meet at a border that turns out to be a yin-yang symbol. Each of them fed on balls of light that were dark in the bright world and bright in the dark world. But the story was so gore-laden, giving even me headaches, that I deleted it soon afterwards. Then, around 1996, I listened to an instrumental piece of mine called Random Canopus (which can be heard in the background), and suddenly this little jewel was born. It tells a story from the point of view of a survivor of a nuclear holocaust, and follow-up war, who has to feed on the dead to survive.

Der Tag als die Sonne ausging (The Day The Sun Went Out) — This song (also probably from 1996) was also inspired when I listened to a tune that I made. Like Borhyd, it was recorded using a 4-track tape recorder. The song is about a man who is walking lonely through the crowds on the last day of Earth.

Ein Wintermärchen (A Winter's Fairy Tale) — This is from 1996, and correlates aspects of religion, politics and economics.

Ex Temporis / Ex Temporis clip — This sci-fi piece is perhaps from 1998, can't remember right now, and it tells the story of a man who gets an unpleasant visit from the year 2350, and a task to save the world.

War Planet clip — Unfinished tune, from 1997. It's about a series of visions or dreams that I had that were set on a planet in which war was an aspect of daily life. I recovered it some years ago from a damaged DAT tape, that's why the clip is so short. Sometime, I'll have to re-record it while I still have a working Amiga computer.

Hope in 2017 clip — Unfinished tune, also probably from 1998. I like it b/c it sounds like the soundtrack to an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie! lol

Rest Your Shoulders Here — I suddenly had the idea for that one while listening to one of my Sonix tunes from the 80ies. It became a real love song sort of. That was in 1999 or 2000, can't remember. It was even hosted on the original site under my Zeum Lynx project label. It even received negative feedback from a critic, lol. I f he knew that I don't take myself too seriously, he probably wouldn't have bothered!

Music from my Aegis Sonix era (ca. 1988-1993)

This section is most incomplete. I did a lot of tunes using Aegis Sonix and its predecessor, Musicraft, on the Amiga 1000, sometimes even with external synthesizers connected via MIDI.

Unerfüllte Liebe (Unrequitted Love) — Private drama turned into music from 1993, I think. I was in love with a girl, and she didn't return it. End of story. (Funny thing is that she probably never got to hear that one!) I used instruments I had created with Sonix, and an external Roland Juno-106 synthesizer. Originally, I wanted to create a whiny song, but I never completed that, thankfully. That would've been pure emo!

Der Traum (Original Version or Instrumental Version) — A piece from 1992 from the point of view of a man who had a vision about Germany. I retrieved the original version from an old tape.

Music from my Soundtracker era (ca. 1988-1990)

This music has been created between about 1988 and 1990, using mainly TNM Soundtracker, which was a clone of Soundtracker created by the TNM demo group. The computer system was an Amiga 1000. I had only limited RAM, so I had to limit the kinds of audio samples that I could use. Some friends of mine of that time provided me with additional instrument samples, because despite I had audio sampling hardware most of that time period, I didn't use my own instrument samples exclusively. Two people deserve credit there: Uwe Riedinger for some interesting voice samples (like that Darth Vader sound), especially for Calooga at 5 AM, and Patrick Tiesmeyer (I hope I spelled his name right) for some major synth samples that I used in Sunset on Vega.). Most of the other instrument samples were those included with TNM Soundtracker, but I really didn't keep track of all the samples. Most of the remaining instrument samples I did myself, for instance I sampled guitar sounds from Heart CDs (which often provided at least one clear note in some tracks). Additional credits: Jürgen Ertel provided his voice for Wilderness (please excuse the English language errors, we were teens back then! )

Please note that the following list is incomplete, and that I didn't get around to find and re-record all of the other tunes yet.

Bang — This one I like the most. I spent over two weeks on it. I got on everyone's nerves by working on it every free minute.

Blue — This one is one of my favorites as well. I do have some melodies in my mind still to expand on it someday.

Calooga at 5 AM — A fun tune, that me and Uwe made mainly as a test for some instrument and voice samples.

Eklich — When I was working on that tune, I had a visit from Uwe and he said that it would sound "Eklich" (German: eklig = disgusting). That's how that was named. But I actually like this tune very much.

Hot — I wanted to write a song about a hot girl and wrote this instead. Originally, I wanted to remove the voice samples and add real singing, but I didn't do it.

Mr. Fish Party Song — That was probably the first piece I did with TNM Soundtracker, and it was mainly for testing purposes. But it sounded quite okay, so I kept it.

Sunset on Vega — A nice little tune I made to test Patrick Tiesmeyer's samples.

Thorotoy2 — experimental tune, can't remember much about it.

Wilderness2 — An experimental tune from the late 80ies. It was fun to work with Jürgen Ertel on this one.

And that's it, folks, for now!


Over the years, I've collected some lyrics that I've written.

Lyrics collection (2005, PDF) — please note that the contact information in the book is out of date. If you'd like to contact me, please use the Contact tab above on this webpage.

Death Sentence (Rev.2)



Occasionally, I like to paint and draw. I'll republish the images soon (they were published on my MySpace page, which I deleted a while ago).