The following sections are a very tiny selection of private software development projects that might be interesting to some folks. I have literally hundreds of these, but it's a lot of work to publish them all, so I selected only a few for now.

Please visit my blog at Newphoria Blogs for more projects. There, you'll find projects of mine like ADB (an object-oriented database management system currently w/o tables), TigerPaw PHP Toolkit (from 2003, which I publicly released for the first time), and other fun stuffs.

Furthermore, there are projects of mine that have been published in the past, but are not online anymore. I will work to get them back online.

SDL (Syntax Description Language)

NOTE that this "SDL" is referring to the Syntax Description Language, not the Simple DirectMedia Layer. This is an old project of mine from 1999 containing a generic syntax analyzer and related tools. Implemented using Perl 5 and C++ (platform independent).

Version 0.03 Attention: All contact information in the archive is invalid, it's from 1999!

I published this only to make it available online again. It's been used in at least one commercial product. I do not work on the project anymore, so if you want, feel free to continue it (in accordance to the license).


I wrote this tiny program on OpenBSD to alleviate a problem that I had with my Mustek BearPaw 1200F scanner and SANE. The problem was that the SANE driver did not calibrate the scanner properly, and hence the images came out with distorted colors. The ScanCorrect program simply uses a white paper sheet scanned into a PNG file to get an idea about how the color white is distributed along scan lines. This can then be used to correct other pages that have been scanned. The results came out quite good, so I decided to publish it, in case someone else needs it.

Version 0.1


XMLVM, the XML Virtual Machine specification, is a prototypical XML application aimed at compiler generation tools and virtual machines. It allows to specify a virtual machine language in XML.

Version 0.1


SYNAGEN, the Syntax Analyzer Generator specification, is a prototypical XML application aimed at compiler generation tools. It allows to specify a language in XML that can then be used to generate syntax analyzers.

Version 0.1b, Version 0.1